Exfoliating Mask, 2014
Imagined Sculpture

the jogging …. trying to be me
how patriotiqué

moist-sock replied to your post: pisune said:Do shinee!Marry: Onew…

I think he’s evil too.

i dont call him taedemon for nothing!


when you pass a test that everyone else failed

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wait why dont you like hony?

i mean remember when he had that pic of the black woman and the jewish guy who had harassed her and propositioned her for sex? he made it look like he cared by posting her story under the pic but once ppl started talkin bout it he took it down from both tumblr and facebook bc he wanted to protect the dude who was harassing that woman. 

and there are other examples as well but thats the one i can think of off the top of my head

yea and also his pics are just ok photographically he relies mostly on the caption to carry them which in photography is usually gimmicky and boring.